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Pay really close attention to what I’m about to share because I don’t know if this information is going to be for you or you over there or oh yeah you in the back this might be for you. I don’t know only you will know if this information is going to be a good fit for you, so pay very close attention. I’m sure that as you’re reading the words that I’m about to share, you’ll know what’s important for you and you’ll be able to take away the information that you need.

So here we go are you working a w-2 job right now whether you are like me or not. Maybe you love your job maybe you’re getting enough fulfillment maybe you’re getting paid enough to keep you there and you’re very happy. Where you’re at if that’s you congratulations but if you’re like a lot of Americans who are working a w-2 job and whether they are making enough money just to pay the bills or not enough money to pay the bills. They’re not happy they’re not fulfilled and they’re looking for something else so what do you do maybe you are like me you took a second job which took you away from the people that you love to be around. It kept you away further away from doing the things you wanted to do and kept you more in the place of doing the things you have to do just to make ends meet. Maybe that described to you maybe you’re in a job that you have to absolutely love. But it’s just not giving you the lifestyle that you want and so you know you take on a second job. Maybe look into MLM. I did that, wasn’t a good fit for me because I didn’t like the idea of the only way to make money is by recruiting other people to teach them how to recruit other people and then keeping them motivated and inspired. It was just a downward spiral and wasn’t a good fit for me. So I want to share with you what the one-percenters do in America now, you can hate the one-percenters and be envious and jealous and say they make too much money or we can learn from them because after all success leaves clues right?

So let me ask you this, you don’t want to do a second job? You don’t want to do MLM so what do you do maybe I look into real estate investing so you attend one of these one-day seminars these three-day boot camps that are typically held in a hotel. And here the Guru’s name and they’re all over the radio-TV in on Facebook so you attend this free seminar so you can learn all the secrets about fixing and flipping a house or tax liens or whatever the catch is right? So let me ask you this do you really think you’re going to get all the information you need to be successful in real estate investing after one probably not I mean look at other industries do you think a doctor could do what he does or she does and be successful and competent after one day no and neither did I. But I went anyway right because I was hopeful I was optimistic that I was going to find a way to improve not only my life but the life of my family right so I kept looking and I found it I finally found it and that’s what I want to share here with you.

MLM built around real estate no it’s not about that at all. It’s just for those of you who know me know that I’m very passionate about things that I like and when I find something that works that I like I love to talk about it. I’m a big promoter so, for example, I absolutely love this restaurant our house is called soul Mexican cantina amazing food off of greenway and Scottsdale road. Amazing the best hands down. I’ve attended a personal growth event by a guy named Michael Berghoff who in my opinion blows away all the other speakers out there. Because it’s not about speaking it’s about giving you tools that you can use on a daily basis and that’s what I’m going to get back to. The point here that’s what this education does it’s not a one-day sales pitch it’s not a three-day boot camp which ultimately ends up in an upsell deal right what if there was a real estate investing education program. It was built on a model that we are very familiar with that would be cool, wouldn’t it? So picture this if you went to high school you know what that education system looks like not the broken stuff.

But I’m just talking overall, in general, you take the basic classes and then the subsequent classes they build.  If you went to college you know that you start off with the basics, the math, the English, the history, the science, because it’s all building that foundation right?And then you get into your core classes so you start at the 100-200 level classes and then you have some electives and then you get in your core classes. Well, this education system is built on that using the institutional. I’m sorry yeah institutional systems design and so you start off learning the foundational classes that you need to be successful. Yax and legal strategies credit management mortgage acceleration, then you learn the real estate investing basics. Then you learn how to find a deal before it hits the MLS where do you find the money for your deals because real successful investors don’t use their own money they use leverage, that’s the difference between the wealthy and the non-wealthy. They know how to use leverage, they know how to use money. They know how to use credit and that’s what these foundational courses are for. Your 100 and 200 level courses, these are called the essentials, so once you get through those then you get into your electives.

So how do you get more involved with tax liens you learn about the fix and flips? All the details about what is your buyer identity what type of market niche are you going to go after you know that kind of thing what about title and funding and so that’s where you get into your core and elective courses so check this out. There is click close to 50 classes involved in this education 50, yeah and what’s really cool is let’s say you go to one of those one-day seminar boot camps and you bought the program congratulations. Education is fine because after all the techniques and strategies they are what they are but the difference is what’s going to happen when the laws change so election year it’s going to change some things right no matter who gets in office we know that the tax laws are going to change and things are going to impact what we’re doing could you go back to that program and get a free update to know if you went to ASU, Go Devils, could you go back to your program and say hey you know what the information on engineering and change a little bit can you update the class can I get in for free.

So what we have here though is this particular program gives you lifetime access. So when the strategy changes when the laws change the content of the classes get updated how freaking cool is that here’s another cool thing so as an alumni let’s say for those of you who went to college do you feel more inclined to help people who went to your college you feel a little more closer to those people about military folks. Here are my veterans alright so if you were in the Air Force are you more inclined to like someone who is in the air force. I’m a marine or former Marine. I’m not active duty any longer I’m more inclined to like other Marines. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I want to help them more and more inclined to reach out to them well the same thing here we have a community of alumni who are very eager to help others and it’s our community, right? We want to help people in our tribe our community we want to help people succeed how cool is that so not only are you getting access 24 hours a day seven days a week to these classes that increase your financial literacy increase your financial IQ.

Whether you do any real estate deals are not that alone is priceless then you have the added education and information for real estate investing you’re going to be like freaking Batman it’s not enough to learn one strategy it’s not enough to learn just how to fix and flip what happens if the deal goes sideways well maybe I know what I’ll do I’ll put a renter in there. Excellent well you wouldn’t know that strategy if you only bought the fix and flip deal from that other program or you wouldn’t know how to change to another strategy where you just wholesale it if you went to one of the other programs so there are about 20 some-odd different strategies depending on the market. Depending on the situation and what you’re facing you can apply so you can just like in football you can zig and zag and maneuver around the situation and do what’s right for that moment so you get all of that so if that is something that would interest you if you want to learn more definitely reach out to me.

You know this is either right for you or is it and what’s really cool is we have live events we have a live overview meeting where we give you all the information you need so you can make the best decision for you in those events you will see what other investors are doing in the local market right here right now using today’s strategies, not stuff that worked five years ago that’s now illegal its tough right now very current people who live in your community and then you’ll hear their stories you’ll hear what other students are learning and it’s so freaking cool. And with all of that, you’ll get a good feel if this is something that is right for you compared to take it on a second job compared to doing an MLM compared to sign in for one of those other guru seminars where they fly somebody in and then flying out after the event you can do that or you can look into partnering with a local community of investors who are living in your neighborhoods and are committed to seeing you succeed. You know because if you don’t you know where they live right being a part of a community where we can lock arms together because my last name is sailing so I’m going to use a sailing analogy a rising tide lifts all boats that is what’s in it for me.

I can help other people succeed and get the life they want then I can get the life that I want and I don’t know about you but I wish someone would have shown this to me in 2008 because in 2008 my wife and I we lost everything. I was laid off among a lot of other people in America right we lost everything we lost the house and I don’t want that to happen to anybody else so when I got this education and I enrolled I knew that this was right for me because I want to be in a position to help other people avoid foreclosure avoid a short sale you know help them get out of their home with dignity or allow me to be in a position to put someone in a beautiful home and at the same time you know provide a very good life for me and my family because let’s face it our families deserve more of us. And if that’s something that you want to be a part of if you think your family deserves more of you and you want to provide more for your family, learn more see if this is right for you may not be but you won’t know what you’re saying no until you see the information then that way you can make an informed decisionmaking the decision that’s best for you and your family so with that look forward to hearing from you take care and for those of you in Arizona stay spicy.